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Creating a Zoom Account

nullZoom is a video/web conferencing platform that can be used for meetings and screen sharing with NMC faculty, staff and students.
If you’d like a Zoom account, follow the steps below. Your Zoom account will be auto-created using your NMC ID and password.

Step 1 – Direct your web browser to nmc.zoom.us

Step 2 – Click “Sign in” and then “Sign in with SSO.”

Zoom sign in pageClick on Sign in with SSO

Step 3 – If you are not logged into your NMC account, the Sign In with SSO window will ask you to enter the Company Domain. Type “nmc” before the .zoom.us in the blue box.

Sign in with SSO screen adding nmc to company domain

Step 4 – Log in with your NMC ID and password. Your account will be created. The next time you go to nmc.zoom.us you can pick SSO or if you are already logged into your NMC account through my.nmc.edu, your Zoom account will automatically open.

NMC login screen