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Knowledge To Share

With knowledge comes responsibility. Knowledge left unchecked or unshared can turn inward and devour the pupil. Some pupils wish to be devoured in order to avoid sharing knowledge. This, again, is the ego and thinking others cannot be trusted with knowledge.

While knowledge is a powerful wand, it does need to be shared in order to lift all people mentally and emotionally. Holding knowledge back, holds back the masses. When power is held by a few, entire societies lag. When knowledge is held by a few, secrets begin that end in suffering.
Therefore, make efforts to share knowledge to enrich others and encourage heightened consciousness. Those responsible with knowledge know when and how much to share. Some are not ready for a full lesson and need to learn in chapters. Some will succumb to gluttony in order to have knowledge but not institute it or internalize it. The gluttons will soon become bored and move on to another subject to blow over like high prairie clouds. Soon the more meaningful clouds will appear to remind us of the evolution of knowledge amongst the focusing masses. A three-day rain can lower one’s mood but it steels the astute pupil to the effort of integrating knowledge.
The next aim of knowledge is mastery such that it is integrated into one’s life.
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