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Food Pantry Open

The NMC Food Pantry remains opens for business despite campuses being closed through April 2020. We average about an order a day for food and hygiene staples for our students. They can continue to order online at Orders are packed and made available for pick-up on Mondays and Thursdays from 2-4pm at the east door… Continue Reading Food Pantry Open

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The answer is the question. What can I ask myself that propels my motivation? What piques my interest that beckons me further? What keeps me in motion once I have started seeking? What paths do I find that distract me from my goals? What routes are tangents that deepen my understanding? What am I doing… Continue Reading What?

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Knowledge To Share

With knowledge comes responsibility. Knowledge left unchecked or unshared can turn inward and devour the pupil. Some pupils wish to be devoured in order to avoid sharing knowledge. This, again, is the ego and thinking others cannot be trusted with knowledge. While knowledge is a powerful wand, it does need to be shared in order… Continue Reading Knowledge To Share

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There is a deep well of knowledge that not everyone knows how to access. Some who access it have no want to share it with others. Some share about the knowledge but they don’t share the knowledge itself. Few find the knowledge. Fewer are willing and able to give true knowledge. To find knowledge one… Continue Reading Knowledge