Adding Panopto Content to Moodle Courses

Instructors can add Panopto content to courses through three methods:

  • A Panopto Video tool link (to add link to course folder, video links, or video quizzes)
  • A Panopto Student Submission tool link (to add a video assignment allowing students to upload video content to Panopto)
  • The Panopto button in the ATTO text editor (to embed videos into course content)

Using the Panopto Video Tool Link

To add the Panopto Video tool to your course page, first navigate to the course and turn editing on. Scroll to the bottom of the course section that needs the Panopto link and click “Add an activity or resource.” From the pop-up, select “Panopto Video”:

Panopto in Activity Chooser

On the next screen, you have the option to add a specific video or video quiz from your Panopto library or add a link to your course folder.

To add a link to your course folder, name the course folder, scroll down to “Grade” and select “None” from the dropdown and then scroll to the bottom and click “Save”:

To add a specific video or video quiz to a course page, the process is the same, except you have to also click the “Select Content” button and then select the desired video from your Panopto library. If you are adding a video quiz via this method, you will also need to fill out the grade section, which will automatically add the activity to the course’s Moodle gradebook:

Using the Panopto Student Submission Tool Link

This tool can be used when students are tasked with submitting videos, usually as an assessment. When this tool is deployed, students will be able to create and/or upload videos to a designated subfolder within your course Panopto main folder. The share settings of that folder are then controlled by the instructor.

To set up the Panopto Student Submission, turn editing on in the course, click on “Add an activity or resource,” and select “Panopto Student Submission”:

Panopto Student Submission in Activity Chooser

The next page is similar to the Moodle assignment activity. Name your video submission assignment (required), provide a description, select a due date, add restrictions and a grade (optional), and select “Save” to place the activity on your course page:

Students will see the assignment activity on the course page. When they click on the activity, they will see the details the instructor provided about the assignment and a “Select Panopto Submission” button. When they click that button they will be able to choose, upload, or record a video from the pop-up and submit their video to the activity:

Using the Panopto ATTO Tool

Anywhere text can be added to a course, Panopto videos can be added as well. In the ATTO text editor, click the Panopto icon and videos can be selected, uploaded, or created and then embedded into the activity and/or course page:

All videos that are uploaded or created from the text editor Panopto icon will also be added to the Moodle course’s Panopto folder. 

For detailed tutorials and support on using your video repository account, please visit Panopto support (

For Moodle or Panopto help, contact the NMC Technology Helpdesk at 231-995-3020

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