CURIOSITIES: VOYAGES BEYOND THE STACKS. This “unbook club” experience is a 4-week commitment, involving roughly an hour of meeting time and an hour of prep. Prep in this case is a blast! It’s listening to podcasts, reading essays or short stories, or watching short films. Each 4-week session revolves around a single topic. YOU are invited to participate. Your STUDENTS are invited to participate. 

Participate how?

  1. Register for a session and the line-up of fascinating resources will show up in your inbox. 
  2. Read/watch/listen to the resources for week one and show up for the discussion (face-to-face or online options offered). You’ll be hooked! 
  3. Encourage participating students to reflect and ✅ an experiential learning activity is complete! For your planning ease, here’s a template for written student reflection.
  4. Level up! Co-facilitate one or more sessions. Yep, this opportunity is available to you or your students. Talk about a real-world audience for research, curation and synthesis of information and public speaking! Consider this as a presentation option, a way to fulfill an honors contract or an experiential learning opportunity. 

What’s up next?

A night of short films, Thursday 11/17

Thursday, 11/17: Get the flavor of Curiosities by attending a night of short films, curated by the participants and facilitators of the current Curiosities series, Curiosities Shorts Fest! This night of short films, pizza, and popcorn will provide a sense of what Curiosities has to offer. All are welcome – free films, free pizza, free snacks. (Please share with your students!)

Stay tuned for upcoming series:

Winter: International Affairs Forum Collaboration, focus on Climate Change Solutions & Adaptations, co-facilitated by Alex Tank and Nicco Pandolfi (Jan 19-Feb 9) 
Spring I: Stories of Science, co-facilitated with Nicole Speelman & Kristen Salathiel (Feb 2-23)
Spring II: Touring the Senses, a multisensory extravaganza with an all-star guest line-up (Mar 2-23)

Library events can serve as extensions to the learning that takes place in the classroom, be experiential in nature, result in high levels of engagement, and require research and critical thinking that closely mimics the research and planning of professionals in a variety of disciplines. Call your liaison librarian for a strategy meeting today!