Kanopy LogoFilms on Demand is going away! We know you’ve heard this already, but some of you may be in denial or just simply too swamped to deal with it right now. However, we do have Kanopy and if you haven’t checked out this streaming service it is pretty slick and has much more updated content to offer. Some of the video content you use currently may be in Kanopy. Other films simply won’t be there. Frustrating? Yes. But also a good opportunity to reconsider what you need/want the film content of your class to accomplish and find something fresh that will do just that. 

You can create your own account within Kanopy, as can your students! Think diversification of content delivery, flipped instruction, embedded clips in assignments, and research sources.  It’s also a worthwhile tool to have in your back pocket in case of something like, say, a global pandemic. Watch this 10-minute video highlighting search and share functions we think will be of most use to you as you mine for quality content to augment your instruction. As always, if you need help or a partner in this process, reach out to your liaison librarian. We are here to help!