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Picture This…

Let’s face it: not everything needs an app. In fact, some processes and products are better left alone. Then there are other times where minor refinements breathe fresh air into an otherwise stale world. Enter Rocketbook: an erasable notebook paired¬†with a smartphone app that is helping bridge the gap between analog and digital worlds. The… Continue Reading Picture This…


Full Rekognition

Three years ago, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched Rekognition, a video scanning service designed to recognize key elements within a video frame. If IMDB ever helped you recall which actor starred in what movie, then think of Rekognition as the ultimate video search and analysis tool. It detects objects, motion (including pathing), faces (with emotional… Continue Reading Full Rekognition

Cloud icon filled with gears

My Cloud Data is Where?

Flash back to 10+ years ago. Apple’s iPhone launched in 2007, followed by a wave of other devices over the next two years. The first use of an iPhone required a computer connection, including backups. Now return to present day 2019. We are used to so many wireless connections that it’s difficult (dare I say… Continue Reading My Cloud Data is Where?

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ML & U

If you haven’t heard the acronyms ML (Machine Learning) or NLP (Natural Language Processing) being tossed about in relationship to artificial intelligence (AI), that’s good because¬†the technology shouldn’t be the focus, but rather how it affects you and the way you live. Consider the following exchange: A: “Hello, how can I help you?” B: “Hi,… Continue Reading ML & U