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Starving for Change

On behalf of our team, including UpNorth Media Center / LIAA, NMC’s Audio Technology Program, and NMC’s SOC 201 (Modern Social Problems) students, we formally invite you to view and share our educational video created this semester, Starving for Change.  The video showcases the work of this team in creating a short-form video exploring the challenges of… Continue Reading Starving for Change


Applying Ordinary Teaching for an Extra-ordinary Learning Time

In this second post of a series using the different categories of significant learning outcomes (SLO) as a basis for sharing how some teaching strategies and best practices came to be, the ordinary actions of teaching and learning are worth exploring for their extraordinary impact. Although we typically talk about “best practices” and “effective teaching,”… Continue Reading Applying Ordinary Teaching for an Extra-ordinary Learning Time


Automotive Video Series: Gen Ed Outcomes in 3D

Across NMC’s many different classrooms and labs learning may appear differently, however General Education Outcomes are a common thread weaving our diverse community together.  The following video showcases what happens when these shared outcomes go beyond theory into high speed action. Watch for the rest of the series coming soon: A Day in a Life.… Continue Reading Automotive Video Series: Gen Ed Outcomes in 3D


Sermons for Grumpy Campers

At the Friday Forum on February 7th, we heard from three different NMC instructors about their experiences teaching in active learning classrooms.  Thank you to Diane Emling, Laura Jaquish, and Mary Lou Deutsch for sharing best practices and how they use(d) the features available in an active learning classroom. One common experience that each had… Continue Reading Sermons for Grumpy Campers

Neuron in brain

What is Active Learning?

Nothing gets those neurons firing like active learning.   Active Learning Definitions: NMC’s compilation of definitions University of Minnesota’s definition The 21st Century Learning Experiences AQIP team would like to know what you think about active learning at NMC. What do you consider ACTIVE LEARNING? And How should ACTIVE LEARNING be measured in the classroom?… Continue Reading What is Active Learning?