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Office workers in meeting

Learning via Discussion

“I cannot teach anyone anything. I can only make them think” –Socrates My students impress me in so many ways, and one is in their verbal abilities. While working with students in a testing situation, I offer the opportunity to verbally explain answers to test questions. I am amazed at what how well my struggling… Continue Reading Learning via Discussion


Learning Outcomes Can Be Sexy AND Significant to Students

…but usually learning outcomes are more like finding out you’re pregnant.  Either you are, or you aren’t.   The state of being pregnant is a significant outcome. The different reasons leading to getting pregnant were related to your objectives. “Just tell me how to get an A,” students frequently say.  In other words, just tell… Continue Reading Learning Outcomes Can Be Sexy AND Significant to Students


Test Anxiety Continued

In her November 14 blog post, Deb brought up the subject of “Test Anxiety” and shared some wonderful experiences from her own life that relate to the subject matter. I started writing a reply comment on her blog post but then I realized that the reply was getting too long for a comment. So, I… Continue Reading Test Anxiety Continued