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How Much is Too Much?

I find myself struggling with the technology question, how much is too much. Or, more realistically, how much is the right amount. I am a stickler for working out a problem yourself, but there are some problems I like to assign that are too time consuming, or the student does not have adequate knowledge, to… Continue Reading How Much is Too Much?


Accessibility Tips: PowerPoint

Whether you are showing your presentation to your face-to-face classroom, or uploading your presentation into your online class for student reference, or setting up a presentation for a meeting — keep accessibility in mind. Creating accessible presentations will benefit all of your students, not just those with disabilities. Check out these tips for making an… Continue Reading Accessibility Tips: PowerPoint


Out There and Lovin’ Every Minute of It!

Beginning next week, the Education Media Technologies department will have on-site “office hours” in three different buildings around NMC.  It will be like Festivus!  Each week a EMT staff member will be on hand for a two hour period to help answer any questions instructors may have regarding Moodle, technology, course development, yada, yada, yada,… Continue Reading Out There and Lovin’ Every Minute of It!

Ladybug document camera

Ladibug’s in the Classroom

Meet the Ladibug DC120 document camera. The new doc cams operate through a computer. Turning the device on, adjusting the zoom, brightness, and focus will all be done through the Ladibug software on the classroom computer. Did you know that the Ladibug camera can do the following? Capture live images and include them in lecture… Continue Reading Ladibug’s in the Classroom