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Two Mini-PD Opportunities in January

CIE is offering two learning opportunities for faculty on Jan. 11. Helping Your Students Read the Textbook Thursday, Jan. 11, 10:00-10:45 in SH 204. The first session led by Nancy Gray and Kristen Salathiel will be a practical, hands-on workshop focused on specific ways you can help students effectively read–and learn from–your textbook.  Bring the textbook… Continue Reading Two Mini-PD Opportunities in January

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

HH2 Awareness Project

Driving to work and my mind is full with a running list of worries of ‘what if’s.’  It’s my second time around of doing a ‘three-way cross-disciplinary experiential project’ of participating in the National Homeless and Hunger Awareness Project.   I am concerned about all the busyness of the project such as deadlines, the grading, and… Continue Reading HH2 Awareness Project


Three takeaways from requirements and resources to promote persistence

Teaching in higher ed, there are many times when we add requirements or resources to our class, only to wonder later if they are beneficial to the students.  Below are some conversations with a freshman that echo my experiences with students over the last few years as they adjust to college expectations. On leaving room… Continue Reading Three takeaways from requirements and resources to promote persistence

Start painted on the road

Begin with Purpose

I recently returned from a conference where the biggest takeaway had to do with the thoughts from several Fortune 500 CEO’s. The topic had to do with engaging senior leadership in organizational design and idea flow but became more about establishing enthusiasm for what you do every day. Many PD topics deal with how to… Continue Reading Begin with Purpose