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Ada fishing in CO


Ada is 7. She is an identical twin. She has autism and other developmental and cognitive disabilities. Everything is hard for Ada. She did not walk until she was two. She had two bouts of deafness in her early years. Talking is very challenging for her. She has trouble making the correct sounds and finding… Continue Reading Ada

Butterfly and cocoon

Teaching Worldliness

Now that educational technology has advanced to the place where it threatens the traditional role of the teacher, I find myself pondering just what our role is as educators. I addressed this question in general in a prior post, but today I would like to discuss what I think is an important role we play:… Continue Reading Teaching Worldliness


“No One Writes Alone”: Attitude, Peer Review, and English Composition

This week I am gone from campus at a conference, so my ENG 111 students are peer reviewing their essays online in Moodle Forums instead of meeting in person. My students will be practicing critical thinking and communications skills while they read through my peer review handout, read their peers’ essays and comment on various aspects of… Continue Reading “No One Writes Alone”: Attitude, Peer Review, and English Composition