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Active Learning

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Be selective.  To evaluate a strategy for potential use, consider your original purpose as the ‘gold standard.’

Be adaptive.  A strategy description may take place in a context unlike yours, but the essence of the strategy may be perfect for your needs.

Be reflective.  Strategies that worked (or not!) with one class environment may work with a different class or with minimal tweaking.

Be considerate.  When trying something new to you, letting the students know ahead of time along with a plan to punt if necessary increases successful implementation and reduces frustration.

Be curious.  Ask others around you for their ideas.  Chances are good they’ve run into the same teaching challenges you are facing.  “My students don’t want to…”  Ask your students–they also have years of experience in education.

…if we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.
– John Dewey


Effective Teaching Strategies

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Active Learning

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Gaming to Learn (Gamification)