Book CoverYou heard him live, now read his book! CIE is taking orders for The New Science of Learning, Third Edition, by Todd Zakrajsek, our keynote speaker at the October Conference. 

Use this form to order the book, courtesy of CIE. We will take orders through the end of the month. Then join us for a discussion of the book at an upcoming Coffee Club or Friday Forum TBA.  

The New Science of Learning focuses on how our brains work and how we learn anything, not just academic material. It is written for students, but provides guidance for instructors on helping students learn how to learn. 

Kristen Salathiel, who uses the book for EDU 100 College Success, reports that the Third Edition has even more practical study tips to augment the student-friendly approach to cognitive, social, and motivational psychology. And it includes a special message to students where Dr. Zakrajsek shares his story about how he nearly dropped out of college until a professor helped him understand that he could learn how to study. 

Another way to follow Dr. Zakrajsek’s work is through The Scholarly Teacher blog. You can sign up for the free blog here. 

If you missed the presentations at the October Conference, here are links to the break out sessions:

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