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5 Places at Once

As I have progressed in my career I have been given more and more responsibility. Sometimes I feel like I have to be in 5 places at once. I’m sure we all have been there, Students balancing classes maybe having a job and maybe family too. Instructors having the same list plus Continuing Ed and updating curriculum. It just gets to be a lot and I have to stop and catch my breath and put some order into the chaos. Making a plan and tackling each individual task one at a time I press through. People I am helping ask me how do I keep it all straight and in some cases remember where I am. I confess a secret, I have perfected cloning or out of body experience, or dimensional travel to be in more places at once. I have perfected being in three places at once, the 4th I am about 50% proficient with and I am working hard on the 5th dimension!

I am sure we have all had the experience of driving to or from work and just zone out and arrive to the destination without any recollection of the time and space that was between? Well, some days that’s how it feels. Methodically completing the tasks without realizing I did it.

Through all the years, I still enjoy the career choice I have made. I enjoy the job I do and in this day and age that is the impossible. Finding a life to get you from A-Y, not Z that’s when everything stops. And enjoying the ride through it all. That’s what I am hoping to make possible for my students.

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