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Situational factors, the foundation for Criteria of good course design

Considering Situational Factors

A few years ago, I attended weekend seminar “Designing Courses for More Significant Learning” – a prior version of NMC’s August professional development program. I used Dee Fink’s approach twice in major course designs, and I’ve been pleased with the results. Foundational aspect “Situational Factors” is a topic worthy of further reflection. Two of the… Continue Reading Considering Situational Factors

Electrolux Over-the-range Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

Lessons from a Microwave

Our over-the-range microwave oven experienced a meltdown this week. After we’d turned in for the night, an unusual noise emanated from “somewhere else” in the house. A short jaunt through dark hallways found our microwave’s door wide open, a bit of unexpected light escaping into the kitchen. I tried closing the door, but the mechanism… Continue Reading Lessons from a Microwave

Balancing priorities


Remember the dull, disappointed feeling you get whenever a capable student does just enough to get by? Apparently not learning anything significant from your carefully architected lesson plans? Ignoring your enthusiasm? Attending in body but not in spirit? As a teacher, I always felt that there must be something more I could do to connect… Continue Reading Priorities


A Little Furry Audacious Goal

While wrapping up my PowerPoint for a Professional Development Day presentation, I asked myself several probing questions. Why would anyone choose to attend my session? How can I make it relevant? What would attendees remember afterwards? What change, if any, might they implement in their interactions with students? How might that improve student success? Stepping… Continue Reading A Little Furry Audacious Goal