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Clicking Seatbelt

When it Clicks

I teach math. Everybody’s favorite subject … to hate. Nothing gives me more satisfaction in my job than when what I am teaching finally clicks with the student. I teach students that love math and I teach more students that hate math. I have to say that the satisfaction level is greater when a hater… Continue Reading When it Clicks

Prepared Picture

Preparing For The Worst

In the years 2001-2006 Israel experienced devastating terrorist attacks on civilians. This was the worst period in its history and the threat of terrorism was felt throughout the country. Today, there are still terrorist attacks, but Israel is now a global leader in counterterrorism. Israel has created a culture of preparedness, attention, and caution that… Continue Reading Preparing For The Worst

Sheep and Dogs


We have had Border Collies on our sheep farm since 1993 when a student gifted me with his 9-month-old Border Collie, Doyle, who was not going to transition well to an apartment when he moved up to Houghton. When Doyle moved in we tried to be careful to keep him contained until he was trained… Continue Reading Instincts