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APR 28 1971, APR 30 1971, MAY 19 1971 Old, New in Classrooms Demonstrated at Slavens School Slavens Elementary School teachers Donald G. Beuthel and Mrs. Phyllis Meyer. Mrs. Robert Thomas, 3675 S. Oneida Way, a parent who helped out, models an 1885 dress while her daughter, Polly, joins her in old class. Enjoying the colorful mod furniture and new textbooks and materials, below, are, from left, Teresa Lovelady, Nancy Kinney, Keith Chase, David Scofield and Cindy Roggow. Display was at school, 3000 S. Clayton St. Credit: Denver Post (Denver Post via Getty Images)

The Logical Consequence of an Overly Corrective and Punitive Pedagogy

Once upon a time, when I was a bright and shiny new graduate student teacher at the University of Tennessee, I was assigned an office with two veteran instructors. Both women had been there for decades; both were best described as “old school” in their outlooks about essay writing (they insisted upon the five-paragraph theme… Continue Reading The Logical Consequence of an Overly Corrective and Punitive Pedagogy


Why Not Random Groups?

If you teach a class where you have lots of group activities, as I do, you inevitably face the issue of how to divide the class up. If your class already clumps into prickly social pods, then letting them group themselves risks replicating the same social order. But if you assign regular groups yourself, then… Continue Reading Why Not Random Groups?