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Do Svidaniya, Justin!

Dear Justin,  Congratulations on your new opportunity with SLiM! We’re all super excited for you. It’s been a great 6 years having you as a team member in Ed Tech. We’re certainly going to miss you. Hopefully SLiM realizes just what kind of guy they’re getting. 

Abhi Sharma/Creative Commons 2.0

Spring 2019 Faculty Showcase

Faculty Council is proud to present the annual Spring Faculty Showcase on April 26, 2019 in Scholars Hall 105 from 3:30-5:00 PM.  This wonderful event is presented by your faculty peers. They will showcase classroom activities, share lessons, student accomplishments, beautiful things faculty and/or students have created, and other successful or effective teaching strategies.  This… Continue Reading Spring 2019 Faculty Showcase


Best Practices for MS Word

The following are some best practices to remember when creating Word documents. Information taken from The Office of Accessibility, Use document styles: Use heading and paragraph styles to structure the document. Add alt-text to images and objects: This includes pictures, clip art, charts, shapes, SmartArt graphics, and embedded objects. Use clear, concise terms. For… Continue Reading Best Practices for MS Word