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Testing: Week 3

After spending several hours more than I had hoped working on a test (two of them actually) this week, in addition to redoing a lab students found online (and yes, copied), I revisited Brown Et al. (“Make it Stick”) to keep me motivated Brown Et al suggest the following question and suggestions in regards to… Continue Reading Testing: Week 3

Make It Stick book cover

Testing, a Follow Up

The book “Make it Stick” by Brown et. al, (2014) is a wonderful research-based how-to guide for promoting learning-as in remembering. In particular, the book discusses testing. It is helpful for exploring exactly how to make long term learning (and remembering) occur by using testing as a tool. Brown et. al. share that the test itself can… Continue Reading Testing, a Follow Up

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Martin Seligman, in graduate school, worked with dogs who surprised researchers and prompted the term “learned helplessness”.  These dogs, upon receiving shocks, simply stopped attempting to get away from the shocks. What stood out to Seligman, however, (as an optimistic guy!) were the dogs who did not follow suit, but instead discovered ways to eliminate… Continue Reading Resilience