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Are We Part of the Problem?

What if the norm for college students was thoughtful, polite, courageous and reflective engagement when faced with disagreement both inside and outside the classroom? What if this isn’t the norm and what if we’re part of the problem? How can we help our students to disagree without being disagreeable? Our students watch us closely; many… Continue Reading Are We Part of the Problem?

Students in group

I Love Group Work

I love group work. Students hate it–until they see what it CAN be. I found students to be so “allergic” to group work that I avoided it in my first years at NMC because students simply don’t want their grades negatively impacted by their peers. One of the things employers are most alarmed about is… Continue Reading I Love Group Work

Question listing American wars to be placed in order.

A Call to Order

I learned something really cool about Moodle’s ordering questions. If you are familiar with these, skip to the last two paragraphs; otherwise, read on for a description of them and how they work. Mark Delonge turned me on to “ordering” questions in Moodle a couple semesters back. They are great for any content that needs… Continue Reading A Call to Order