Have you already done your faculty service work? Has your January service been pushed over into February? Are you still waiting for the right opportunity to show up on the United Way app? It’s all good! 

That is, it’s all good in our opinion. We want to know what you think about the Embrace the Dream Faculty Service Project. Please join us for our Friday Forum this week to debrief and share feedback. We’re meeting via Zoom on Feb. 3 from 12:30 until 1:30. We encourage you to come even if you haven’t done your service yet. 

If you’re still looking for a project, here are a few more options:

  • Help Alex Smith and Caroline Schaefer-Hills collate and staple books for a United Way organization. The work is not difficult, says Alex, “it’s just a HUGE quantity!”  
  • Help with the Father Fred Food Drive via the United Way app. This is a one-off event that involves collecting food at local groceries stores. Two-hour shifts are available from Saturday, Jan. 28 to Sunday, Feb. 5.
  • Join the Read Aloud & Craft Event @ the NMC Library on Jan. 31, 5-6:30pm. Volunteers arrive at 4:45pm. Please sign up.

If you have already done service work, please fill out the reflection form. We want to know what you did and how it went. The forms are starting to come in!

I’m about to fill out the form after participating in the Jan. 25 Reading Buddies event at Traverse Heights organized by Kerrey Woughter, director of library services. My fourth-grade reading buddies were charming, and the book and art projects were fun. We were joined by NMC students and administrators. Nick Nissley and Todd Neibauer were at the second session. Nicely done, Kerrey! See photos below.

NMC Volunteers at Traverse Heights  More NMC volunteers at Traverse Heights  Fourth grade reading buddies