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Fall 2020 Student Feedback Forms – Main Session

The Fall 2020 Student Feedback Forms are now available to students and they have access to complete their forms until Saturday, November 20th. Students received an email with a link to their students feedback forms on Tuesday, November 3rd. They also receive a notification when logging into Moodle, letting them know they have student feedback forms to complete. Please remind students to complete the feedback forms, as they provide students the opportunity to share their input in a confidential environment, and provide us with rich feedback on how we’re doing.

Results from the Fall 2020 Student Feedback forms will be available to instructors December 16th after final grades are due. For a brief tutorial regarding how to access your results, please click on this link. If you have any questions or concerns regarding EvaluationKIT, or the student feedback forms please contact Joy Goodchild at

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