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Help Wanted: Partner Course for ENG220 Technical Writing Project

We’re seeking a partner course (or multiple partner courses) for an English 220 Technical Writing Final Project. It’s critical that the project include a data analysis aspect as Technical Writing students need to analyze data to construct a technical report. They also need to learn to create custom illustrations (charts, graphs, etc.) based on the data. 

Regardless of your content area, if your students work with data and you see a way a written element/analysis can supplement your coursework please let me or Janet Lively know. This could be a great way to engage students and collaborate across disciplines. The goal is to develop the project to be delivered in the fall of 2021.

One Response to Help Wanted: Partner Course for ENG220 Technical Writing Project

  1. Stewart Jack March 1, 2021 at 1:54 PM #

    CIT211 ‘Intro to Data Analytics’ might fit the bill. Students learn to pull data from a variety of sources and then create interactive, live digital dashboards to display that information. It’s not much more technical than working with a spreadsheet but currently is only scheduled to run in the spring.

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