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NISOD Webinar

Webinar: Thursday, Dec. 5th

Engaging Practices, Engaging Students: High-Impact Practices in Community Colleges Based on findings from focus groups conducted in colleges across the nation and the integration of results from its four complementary survey instruments, The Center for Community College Student Engagement shares what it is learning about high-impact educational practices and how these practices are related to… Continue Reading Webinar: Thursday, Dec. 5th



Our NMC community hosts a great many stories: history’s lessons, tomorrow’s dreams, and tales of triumph (and of other well-intentioned ideas yielding more modest results). We grow as colleagues share these stories. We’re uplifted and energized; we help carry each other’s burdens. The 4x4x16 teaching@NMC blogging project brought a new challenge our way. Would we… Continue Reading Retrospective

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The blogging project, 4x4x16, allowed me to organize my thinking into structured frames.  Each frame or blog served as a movement activity .  This format seemed to bridge the gap between structured writing and creative  journal writing.  Furthermore,  I was able to share some of the information in my blog  with my students. The project… Continue Reading Afterthoughts