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Keeping learning fresh with new resources: where do you find the time?

 “This is really cool.  Where do you find the time to do all of this?”  –email from Jimmy Dawson, NMC  criminal justice adjunct and friend The answer’s easy~it’s part of my instructional designer role.  In fact, it is one of the most fun things I get to do!  As a part of my normal routine,… Continue Reading Keeping learning fresh with new resources: where do you find the time?


Competent at What?

This article describes an upcoming effort by a new national group, the Competency-Based Education Network, to define and shape deployment of competency-based learning in higher ed. C-BEN will include representatives of U.S. colleges and universities at the leading edge of CBL, and it is sponsored by the Lumina Foundation. December 12, 2013 Paul Fain Competency-based education… Continue Reading Competent at What?


A Global Lens

“What lens do you use to look at the world?” “How can we help students explore and find greater depth, to see that things can be accomplished in so many different ways, and not just in terms of our own value systems? How can different value systems co-exist within ourselves and many times we are… Continue Reading A Global Lens


Teach Online? Read This!

What you need to know for ending/starting a semester. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to Opening Conference and our support at Professional Development Day, EMT may not be available on Monday, January 6 to address helpdesk tickets by you or your students. Assistance may not be provided until Tuesday, January 7. It’s all in the details; here… Continue Reading Teach Online? Read This!