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Student Success Center Has a New Resource

The Student Success Center now has a Career Coach available to assist NMC students and alumni who are seeking employment.  Dana Laursen will assist clients in developing practical job-hunting skills that build on the career counseling services offered by the Advising Center. Some of the areas of development available to students and alumni include building… Continue Reading Student Success Center Has a New Resource


Important Moodle Reminder:

We have experienced an increase in help desk tickets recently from users getting  error messages when posting to forums or taking quizzes. We would like to share the following tips when using Moodle.  Recommended Internet Browsers: Please remember that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers when using Moodle. There are issues when… Continue Reading Important Moodle Reminder:

woman looking frustrated reading book alone

Seven Controversial Questions about Introverts

A number of faculty have been interested in the intersection of Active Learning Classrooms and introvert/extrovert temperaments. The webinar,  Helping Introverts Thrive in an Active Learning Classroom, explores this issue.  Following are some questions that arose during the webinar discussion by NMC faculty and staff:  Which is better, pushing people into an extroverted  role, or accepting… Continue Reading Seven Controversial Questions about Introverts


Sermons for Grumpy Campers

At the Friday Forum on February 7th, we heard from three different NMC instructors about their experiences teaching in active learning classrooms.  Thank you to Diane Emling, Laura Jaquish, and Mary Lou Deutsch for sharing best practices and how they use(d) the features available in an active learning classroom. One common experience that each had… Continue Reading Sermons for Grumpy Campers