What is OLO?
Beginning with the 2019 Fall semester, students taking an online class at NMC for the first time and students who have not completed an online course at NMC with a 2.0 grade or better will be required to complete an Online Learning Orientation (OLO) course. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Moodle badge and will gain access to their online course(s) on the course start date. Students that have successfully completed an online course at NMC in the past will not be required to earn the badge. OLO is a Moodle course and can be completed in less than 60 minutes.
How long have we been communicating with students and via what methods?
Students that meet the criteria for enrollment in OLO have been receiving communication at their NMC email address since May. In addition, beginning on August 14th, they will be receiving an email at their personal email address and after August 19th, they will be getting phone calls in addition to email communication. There have been signs around campus since April and the Advising Office has been directing students to complete OLO when they have met with students. If a student logs into Moodle on August 23rd after 5:00 pm and only sees the Online Learning Orientation and not the courses they registered for, they will know they need to complete OLO.
What should I do if a student contacts me?
If you are teaching an online course, ask them if they see OLO on their Moodle dashboard. If they do, explain to them what it is and that they are required to complete it. If you are not teaching an online course, your students may still need to complete OLO because they are registered for an online course. Again, direct them to Moodle and explain that they are required to complete the course and earn the badge.
How soon after completing OLO will the restriction be lifted?
Once a student completes the course and earns the badge, all they have to do is log out of Moodle and log back in to see all their courses.
How long will students have access to OLO?
Students will have access to OLO for two and half weeks after earning the badge. To help with course management, we will be removing badge earners after that time period. However, if a student would like to review the topics covered in OLO in the future, they can self-enroll in the course using the Online Learning Orientation link in the top menu bar in Moodle.