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Back by popular demand (really!!), Summer Shorts has returned for the 4th season. Almost as exciting as the anticipation for Stranger Things Season 4, right?! But not as gawk-worthy as Tiger King, which set a new level for bad-TV-you-can’t-stop-watching. Luckily for NMC, you’ll want to keep watching Summer Shorts AND it might be useful.

If you would like to join us live via Zoom for our sessions, please keep this Google Doc Schedule handy with a star designation or keep it sticky in your browser. Or check the Keep Teaching calendar. All Summer Shorts episodes will be recorded and posted to an Ensemble playlist. Please feel free to check the playlist for new episodes as the summer rolls along.

During the first episode on June 2nd, Dr. Terri (me) talked about engaging students during a Zoom meeting. Some tools are built into Zoom, but there are other options to create student social presence. You’ll have to watch the recording to find out.