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Keeping Google Chrome Bookmarks Organized

      Bookmarks are a handy tool that are included in multiple browsers. The purpose of these marks is to make websites used frequently easy to access. Click on the  icon at the top right of the page. Move your cursor down to where “bookmarks” is listed to view your current bookmarks, edit your bookmarks, or bookmark a page.

Bookmarks drop down menu

Option 1: To bookmark the current page you are on click the option labeled “Bookmark this tab…”  A menu will come up asking for a name of what you want to view the bookmark as, and a folder to put the bookmark in. To see how to create bookmark folders go to Option 2 & 4.

Bookmark Added Settings






Option 2: If you need to bookmark all the tabs currently opened, click on “Bookmark all tabs…” A menu will be prompted asking to select a folder or create a new one. Clicking “New Folder” will create a new folder, and “Save” will add bookmarks to an existing folder. 

Bookmark Options

Option 3: If you cannot view the bookmarks you have created in the past click on “Show bookmarks bar.” The bookmarks will appear below the url address bar.

Option 4: To view all of the bookmarks and folders created click on the  “Bookmark manager.” This will bring you to a new page. To search bookmarks, use the search box at the top of the page. To create a folder click on the   icon next to the search box. This will open a drop down menu. Drop Down Menu


      From this menu you can add a new bookmark manually by entering the URL and then naming the bookmark. Folders can also be made from this menu. Folders are a helpful way to keep bookmarks organized. Also you can only have a certain amount of bookmarks on the bookmark bar, having a folder allows you to have a large portion of your bookmarks quickly accessible from the bar.


      To create a folder click on “Add new folder,” a menu will come up asking for the name of the new folder. Once you have named it it will appear in the left hand side. To move bookmarks into the folder select them with your mouse and drop and drag them into the folder. Similar to how you move files to folders on your desktop.

Folder in Bookmarks Bar


      In the bookmarks bar the folders will appear as such, click on the folder to see all of its contents.




After you have folders set up and are familiar with the organization of bookmarks. Locate the icon. It is to the right of the url search box. Use this icon to bookmark the current page you are on and select the folders you have created. You can also create a folder in this menu as well. This is an easier and more convenient way to access bookmarks.

Edit Bookmark from Star

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    Kristen Salathiel November 25, 2019 at 12:03 AM #

    Well this is handy. I have a huge problem–I call it the “million tab” problem .I encounter all these websites or articles I want to come back to. I fear I won’t remember it, so I just leave it open in a tab. This gets completely unwieldy! And ultimately I end up either losing the tabs or closing some of them out of frustration with how many tabs I have. Now I will just bookmark them! Thanks, Help Desk!!

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