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Making it beautiful

My wife and I had the recent opportunity to be a part of a family event that usually brings people together. One of my nieces got married……a year ago but they decided to postpone the wedding party until this November. They live in Tucson, so we figured why not. So we took five days out of our schedules and flew out. 100 years ago that was not possible. To make that trip would have taken a week, maybe by car more likely by train, we made it in hours. I am a winter person by nature but I will not deny, the sun and warmth were a welcome change.

We knew going out there it probably wouldn’t be all R&R. There was a party to take place in my brothers backyard, after all and sure enough, after a little resting on Thursday it was all hands on deck Friday and Saturday. We transformed a nicely landscaped backyard into a beautiful wedding scene. My niece knew she wanted a western motif and had it in her mind how she wanted it to look. So we turned pallets into rustic backdrops and church tables into simple but elegant seating for guests.

As the time approached and guests began to arrive, the prep continued with the setting of the food and making sure the beverages were available. We began to meet the people that have become our Families new frandly (Friend/Family). It happens to any of us that moves away for a time. Friendships develop that can run as deep as blood. People you know you can trust to be there when the chips are down or just to be silly and have fun. It is human nature to bond. We got to witness and meet those bonds. It warmed our hearts to see those bonds especially with the younger generation. The laughter, the smiles, the hugs, and all around joy we were part of, made us happy too.

As the party came to a close we cleaned up and headed to bed knowing the next morning we would be headed home. Exhausted but in that satisfied way of knowing we made it possible. Knowing that there is hope for the next generation moving us ahead. We saw accomplished young people come together as family and friends. Sharing a new bond that quite possibly will last all of their lives.

As we made our way to the airport to head back to a snow covered Michigan, we knew we were part of something special. Also I have a renewed sense of bond with my brother and his family. We will make the trip more often but I do not believe it will ever hold as much of a memory as this past trip and I am good with that.

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