Please join us this Friday for lunch and discussion as Friday Forum returns to face-to-face. Our program is a reboot of the session that was COVID-canceled in October — Experiences with Teaching Anti Racism and Contentious Topics in the Classroom. Rachel Wilczewski, Melissa Sprenkle, and John Zachman are our presenters. 

Rachel will share her experience in her Race and Ethnicity class last fall, and Melissa will share experiences teaching a unit on “Anti-Racist Shakespeare.” John and Melissa will also draw on many years teaching such issues as the opioid epidemic, the housing crisis, immigration, abortion, and other hot-button issues. All three say that while addressing these issues can be challenging, the college setting is the ideal place to have academic and empathetic discussions about topics that are so contentious and so important. 

The March 3 Friday Forum will be in person from 12:30 to 2 p.m. in Room 106/07 in the Innovation Center.  Lunch will be served. Please join us! And if you could accept the calendar invite, that would help us plan lunch.