That great idea languishing on your to-do list because you don’t have time? Now you finally may be able to get started. The NMC Office of Possibilities is pleased to announce its “mini-sabbatical” program that offers release time to faculty who want to advance  innovative projects for the college and community.

The Office of Possibilities (OOPs), a joint effort of NMC and the NMC Foundation, will fund release time for faculty who successfully pitch their project to the OOPs committee. Faculty can get up to 4 contact hours of release per semester for up to two semesters. OOPs will fund up to two mini-sabbaticals per semester. 

The first mini-sabbaticals start in spring semester, so faculty need to get their applications in soon, as in by the end of the month. Talk to your chair, review the fact sheet and project vetting matrix, and start working on your proposal. The OOPs committee is looking for ideas that support the NMC mission, vision, and strategic plan and that have community support.  OOPs will provide mentorship for your project. 

CIE is pleased to support the mini-sabbatical program, but please send your questions to Jason Slade, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives. For more information on OOPs, visit the website. 

office of possibilities