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Password, NMC ID, & Security Questions

A quick 3 part guide to password resets, finding user ID and reset security questions.

Part 1: Forgot Your NMC ID?

Let’s start off with the page you see below.  Just when you need to login your mind goes blank. What do you do? You can call the NMC Technology Help Desk at 231-995-3020 or you can click on “Forgot your NMC ID.”

login screen

This will take you to the forgotten username page.  Simply fill out the relevant information below and click the search button.

Forgot Username Screen

Your username will appear.  If your username does not appear, contact the Technology Help Desk.


Part 2: Forgot Your Password?

Forgot your password? Don’t worry we can help with that too. Back to the login page, but this time click on “Forgot you password?”

Login Screen

Type in your NMCID, then click search.

Forgot Password Screen

This brings you to the security questions page.  Answer the following questions to confirm your identity. Then click “Check Responses” to continue. Can’t remember your answers?  Call the NMC Technology Help Desk, we would be more than happy to help you out.

Forgotten Password Questions Screen

If you responded to the questions correctly, you will be brought to the change password screen.  Enter a new password, then click change password.

Change Paword



Part 3: Changing Your Password and Security Questions

Once you have successfully logged in, look for “NMCID Password Self-Service” on the Login Links page.  Here, you can reset your security questions or change your password.

Password Self Service Screen

To setup your security questions, click on “Set your password security responses.”  The page below will appear.  The first question is a custom question, meaning you will need to create your own question and answer.  The next 3 questions are selected from a drop down menu and must all be completed.  When you have finished, click Save Responses to confirm your changes.

Set Password Responses Screen

To change your password, navigate back to the Login Links page.  This time, click “Change you NMC Password”.

Change Your Password

The page below will appear.  Enter your new password in both the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” boxes.  Click “Change Password” to confirm your changes.

Change Paword


You may be sometimes taken to a security page, this is called “CAPTCHA”. This helps protect NMC’s website from spam and abuse. It is easy for humans to input the numbers, but hard for “bots” and other malicious software to figure out. By having this we can block automated software and have a safer online experience here at NMC.

Captcha Screen

If you’re still having issues with logging in or just have a question, please call the NMC Technology Help Desk on 231-995-3020. For more information on opening hours or when to contact us, please follow this link:


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