Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Work Easier


Made a mistake? Accidentally deleted some text and want it back? Ctrl + Z will undo your last command. For Mac users, simply replace Ctrl with the Command key.





If you need to make a copy of text from one document to another, highlight the entry and then use Ctrl + C to make a copy of it.


Then click on the page you want to move the text over to and use the command Ctrl + V to paste it.





If you don’t wish to keep the text in the older file you can use Ctrl + X to cut, rather than make a copy.





Ctrl + Shift + V is another useful command. It will paste your text but remove any formatting, like indentations.






For a quick way to switch between different programs that you have open you can use the Alt + Tab window chooser command.







And if you’ve accidentally closed a window that you need back use Ctrl + Shift + T to restore your last closed window.






We hope this guide will help make work a little bit easier, and while there is no keyboard shortcut for help, there is a Help Desk phone number! Call us at 231-995-3020.