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Reflection and Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

Experiential learning can feel like something we need to accomplish face-to-face or in elaborate semester-long projects. But the transition to online teaching has allowed me to not only look at my classes but to also help some other faculty pivot to online EL. This has been one of the most challenging but also exciting times for me as an educator. I found myself navigating questions like how to tell my students the project they worked so hard on was canceled, how to help others move EL projects to an online environment and even how to help a student secure a computer and a place to live. 

The power and outcomes of reflection is what keeps grounding me in this time of uncertainty. I have reflected on resilience, compassion and the significance of community. The most important thing I have learned through reading my students’ reflections, is that they want to be known as individuals, cared for as friends, to succeed individually, but also to see each other succeed. Overall, it has been meaningful work, in moving EL experiences online. I am able to see the innovation, creativity and commitment our faculty and students exhibit. I have been moved beyond words with the cultivation of compassionate teaching during this time of uncertainty. As always, NMC faculty and staff show excellence in education while also just being awesome humans. 

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