With the Spring semester quickly approaching its conclusion, please take some time to review the Zoom cloud recordings that you saved up to and including the Fall 2020 semester, and delete those that you no longer need. If you have recordings that you would like to save, please consider downloading them and uploading them to Ensemble. If you need assistance with this task, please submit a help desk ticket with a list of the recordings and the Ed Tech team can assist you. 
If you feel comfortable deleting your recordings, please review the video, How to Delete Zoom Cloud Recordings instructions. Any 2019 or 2020 videos left in the Zoom cloud storage after May 31, 2021, will be removed/deleted unless other arrangements are made. 
On Sunday, April 25th, an enhancement that will enable Zoom Phone users to place a call directly from Google Calendar or Gmail will prompt all Google Add-On users to reauthorize Google’s access to the contacts and company directory, even if those add-on users do not have a Zoom Phone license. (NMC does NOT have Zoom Phone) Non-Zoom Phone will still need to reauthorize. If unauthorized, the Google Add-On’s schedule meeting functionality will no longer work.