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Math, EquatIO and Moodle

Texthelp made a recent upgrade to EquatIO which now allows the Chrome extension toolbar to function in the Moodle editor. When you add the EquatIO Chrome extension to your browser you will have the full toolbar experience in Moodle’s content editor (surveys, pages, assignments, quizzes). EquatIO can help you make Math and STEM content just… Continue Reading Math, EquatIO and Moodle


Attention: Math & Science Instructors! New STEM Tools with EquatIO

Texthelp recently added some new STEM tools to EquatIO I thought you would be interested in hearing about. They have added an interactive Periodic Table and expanded their partnership with Desmos and added a Scientific Calculator. Check out their recent blog about the New Stem Tools. EquatIO is a tool available to everyone at NMC which… Continue Reading Attention: Math & Science Instructors! New STEM Tools with EquatIO


Tips for Grackle Docs Results

Now that you are more familiar with using Grackle Docs to check your Google Docs for accessibility, here are some tips to keep in mind when deciphering what the results mean. Red X: This means you should correct it. These are criteria that must be remedied according to standard accessibility guidelines. Document title Most likely… Continue Reading Tips for Grackle Docs Results


Look What’s New!

For my last article I thought I would take the time to let you all know about some new tools available to everyone to use with their Chrome browser, through Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, or phones. One set of tools is called Read&Write. Read&Write is now available to you on your Chrome browser. If you do… Continue Reading Look What’s New!


Isn’t Grackle a Bird?

Since we’ve been talking about document structure and creating good materials, I want to introduce you to Grackle. No, not the bird. Grackle is a tool available to you for use with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Grackle is an accessibility checker that will help you address common accessibility format issues in your materials created… Continue Reading Isn’t Grackle a Bird?