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Raven and Coyote in Yellowstone

Trickster Teachers

Last week my mythology class was reading about trickster figures. Tricksters are playful, amoral, charismatic, and, well, tricky. After reviewing typical actions and attitudes of trickster figures, I asked students to form groups, choose a contemporary character (not involved in politics!) whom they thought functioned as a trickster and then write up a brief overview… Continue Reading Trickster Teachers


Green -> Sustainable

The common term used for several years has been “Green.” This usually referred to a practice or lifestyle that sought to use significantly less petroleum products, recycle, renewable energy, and basically minimize one’s impact upon the Earth. “Green” has slowly faded away to a much more comprehensive concept of responsible stewardship in all aspects of… Continue Reading Green -> Sustainable

Kolb Experiential Learning Diagram

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me? Thinking back to August, and our professional development (PD) day, I have been thinking about our aim for a more experiential learning environment (Kolb’s learning theory). Comments overheard during PD included lots of examples of experiences we are providing students to actively engage them in this process of learning, but… Continue Reading What’s in it for me?


STEM Faculty 101 Course

Are you a math or science instructor looking to increase student engagement? Do you want to help your students understand the course reading, learn how to attack problems, and be more successful in your class? This six-week online course may be for you. According to the website, in this course you will learn “how to identify and… Continue Reading STEM Faculty 101 Course