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Can Learning Grit Be Taught?

I think it can, and this short video created in Adobe Voice tells why. Sidenote:  Adobe Voice is a wonderfully simple to use presentation tool, allowing you to easily insert photos, text, music, and record your voice–IF you plan ahead and make sure the device you are working on has audio capability and access to the… Continue Reading Can Learning Grit Be Taught?

image of John Dewey Key West house

Helping students see the relevance of grit

Constance Staley’s presentation on teaching “grit” during spring Opening Conference shared a number of ways that instructors can impact students. Wanting to think more deeply about this as the new semester approaches, I looked up grit in Google’s online dictionary.  The second definition as a noun refers to “courage and resolve; strength of character…”, but… Continue Reading Helping students see the relevance of grit

All done

Reopen a Closed Internet Tab

You are all done…Or so you thought.  You closed an internet tab and now you realize you need to get back to the page to site a source, copy a link, post it to Facebook, etc. Now what!?! Did you know you can reopen that closed tab with a couple of clicks?  Here’s how.