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Add Quiz option in Moodle

Using Moodle “Quiz” feature for class feedback & reflections

I have started using the Quiz feature in Moodle to collect feedback and short-essay reflections from my students.  This feature has proven to allow students a greater amount of time to reflect on the content/experience, and thus the responses I receive are more thoughtful, insightful, and lengthy than those I would get on paper.   I… Continue Reading Using Moodle “Quiz” feature for class feedback & reflections


Beginner’s Mind

Last week at a conference I learned the term “Beginner’s Mind.” I had never heard that term before but it comes from Zen Buddhism. It is the idea that as we become more expert at something, we stop seeing possibilities. We close our mind to new ways of seeing and doing–relying instead on what we… Continue Reading Beginner’s Mind


The Double-Edged Sword

Watching the digital dashboard after enrollment opens is especially gratifying when the numbers are ahead of last year.  Take today for example, we are 565 students ahead for spring enrollment than we were on the comparable date in 2015.  Comparing enrollment with the same date (yes, these are different dates) we are still 103 students… Continue Reading The Double-Edged Sword