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Test Anxiety Continued

In her November 14 blog post, Deb brought up the subject of “Test Anxiety” and shared some wonderful experiences from her own life that relate to the subject matter. I started writing a reply comment on her blog post but then I realized that the reply was getting too long for a comment. So, I… Continue Reading Test Anxiety Continued


How Much is Too Much?

I find myself struggling with the technology question, how much is too much. Or, more realistically, how much is the right amount. I am a stickler for working out a problem yourself, but there are some problems I like to assign that are too time consuming, or the student does not have adequate knowledge, to… Continue Reading How Much is Too Much?


Own It: Learn How to Learn

When I look back on my college education I see class time spent listening to lectures and watching instructors work math problems on the board. Seldom, if ever, were we students given class time to think something through or work something out for ourselves.  If connections were going to be made, they were going to… Continue Reading Own It: Learn How to Learn