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Moodle’s New Face Lift

What changed? You’ll notice updates to the editing icons and and to the action menu for blocks; as well as improvements to the text editor. Many of these changes have been implemented by Moodle in an effort to increase accessibility of Moodle by improving navigation, or the interface, for screen readers and keyboard users. Many… Continue Reading Moodle’s New Face Lift


Moodle Tip: Your Date Guide

Have you noticed all the types of dates available in Moodle? (Availability, Restrict Access, Due, Expected Completion, Cut-off…) How do you know what to use when, and why? Check out this guide to using dates in Moodle. Availability You can make an activity available by using the Allow submissions From date. You can make it… Continue Reading Moodle Tip: Your Date Guide


Out There and Lovin’ Every Minute of It!

Beginning next week, the Education Media Technologies department will have on-site “office hours” in three different buildings around NMC.  It will be like Festivus!  Each week a EMT staff member will be on hand for a two hour period to help answer any questions instructors may have regarding Moodle, technology, course development, yada, yada, yada,… Continue Reading Out There and Lovin’ Every Minute of It!