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Honoring Our Discipline’s Values in Non-Traditional Ways

Description:  I practically tore my hair out in trying to find a way to genuinely honor the practice of the Socratic Method in my on-line philosophy class.  I soon discovered that the solution lies in viewing the values that are fundamental to your academic discipline in non-traditional ways. My story/challenge: A core value in the… Continue Reading Honoring Our Discipline’s Values in Non-Traditional Ways

Cell phone

Text Your Students :)

Speak the language your learners are listening in. reproduced with permission from Scott Hamm, Abilene Christian University What is this language?  This language is normally portable, visual, and entertaining. Using a text message to communicate with students is an easy, effective way to reach most of the students in your course. 99% of students own… Continue Reading Text Your Students 🙂


Moodle Love

When I find myself defending Moodle these days, I am still a little surprised by the fondness I feel for our course management system. You see, for years I had been a hater, a vociferous wailer of Moodle woes. I had a fit last spring when I discovered that turning off the student view of… Continue Reading Moodle Love