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Proctor Now Screenshot

Online Test Proctoring

If you have students that cannot make it to the Testing Center in Osterlin because of weather, child care issues, living in a different state, or zombie attack, you can now give them another option.  Online Proctoring. NMC has online proctoring available through Software Secure called PRnow. Built to protect exam integrity, RPNow authenticates the identity… Continue Reading Online Test Proctoring

Instructor writing on a lightboard.

Lightboard Teaching Technology: Request for Participants

The lightboard is an innovative teaching and learning tool that enables instructors to capture lectures in an engaging format. Essentially, instructors stand behind a piece of glass that has been framed in LED lighting and mounted on a stand. When the instructor writes on the glass, words appear to glow and float, resulting in an… Continue Reading Lightboard Teaching Technology: Request for Participants