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Two Mini-PD Opportunities in January

CIE is offering two learning opportunities for faculty on Jan. 11. Helping Your Students Read the Textbook Thursday, Jan. 11, 10:00-10:45 in SH 204. The first session led by Nancy Gray and Kristen Salathiel will be a practical, hands-on workshop focused on specific ways you can help students effectively read–and learn from–your textbook.  Bring the textbook… Continue Reading Two Mini-PD Opportunities in January

Question listing American wars to be placed in order.

A Call to Order

I learned something really cool about Moodle’s ordering questions. If you are familiar with these, skip to the last two paragraphs; otherwise, read on for a description of them and how they work. Mark Delonge turned me on to “ordering” questions in Moodle a couple semesters back. They are great for any content that needs… Continue Reading A Call to Order

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Bloopers and May PD

Season 1 of the NMC Pickers is complete, and we wanted to share our Bloopers with you before summer is here.  Be sure to check it out and see Ryan singing, Lisa swearing, and Mark spinning. We also wanted to share three different PD opportunities in May and June.  We will be holding two, free… Continue Reading Bloopers and May PD

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Online Test Proctoring

If you have students that cannot make it to the Testing Center in Osterlin because of weather, child care issues, living in a different state, or zombie attack, you can now give them another option.  Online Proctoring. NMC has online proctoring available through Software Secure called PRnow. Built to protect exam integrity, RPNow authenticates the identity… Continue Reading Online Test Proctoring