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Learning Communities Celebrates Its Second Year!

 celebrates its second year! Congratulations to all those faculty and staff that made Learning Communities great this year.  Groups included Belongingness, New Faculty, e-Portfolio, Coaching, and Collaboration for Universal Design. Participants in the Belongingness LC group brainstormed ways to create a greater sense of “belongingness” for students at NMC. In addition to reading Terrell L.… Continue Reading Learning Communities Celebrates Its Second Year!

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TRENDS Call for Presenters

On behalf of the TRENDS in Occupational Studies committee, I wanted to share with you the “Call for Presenters” form.  This online form is used by the various committees (Technical, Health Sciences, IT, General, etc.) to solicit potential presentations for the 2017 conference (Oct 19 – 20, 2017). This is your chance to show off… Continue Reading TRENDS Call for Presenters

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Learning Together

We think of colleges as places where students do all the learning, but, in fact, faculty and staff are constantly learning as well. We learn from our students, we learn from our mistakes, we learn from conferences and professional journals, and we learn from each other. I am constantly getting good ideas from my colleagues.… Continue Reading Learning Together


October Professional Development Day: Submit Your Session Proposal Now

Our October Professional Development Day Fall Conference will take place this year on October 20. We will focus again on the Five Essential Questions of Teaching and Learning. In keeping with that theme, please think about what you are doing with or for students that is successful or unique and consider sharing it with your… Continue Reading October Professional Development Day: Submit Your Session Proposal Now