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24-hour Job

8:30 pm is the time I typically stop doing ‘work-related’ stuff.  This isn’t just grading, but this is often the monster load of it.  I find myself researching topics related to class content, reading updates that are related to my field, answering the never-ending flood of emails, working on projects that are happening this semester… Continue Reading 24-hour Job

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

HH2 Awareness Project

Driving to work and my mind is full with a running list of worries of ‘what if’s.’  It’s my second time around of doing a ‘three-way cross-disciplinary experiential project’ of participating in the National Homeless and Hunger Awareness Project.   I am concerned about all the busyness of the project such as deadlines, the grading, and… Continue Reading HH2 Awareness Project

Question listing American wars to be placed in order.

A Call to Order

I learned something really cool about Moodle’s ordering questions. If you are familiar with these, skip to the last two paragraphs; otherwise, read on for a description of them and how they work. Mark Delonge turned me on to “ordering” questions in Moodle a couple semesters back. They are great for any content that needs… Continue Reading A Call to Order