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Leanne Baumeler

Ready to Play Tag?

Did you happen to read the Scoop post Accessibility Experience – Ready to Listen?  It contained a couple of helpful links to free screen reader programs. Those programs can help you check if your material is accessible to students with low or no vision. So, you follow the steps laid out by Kristal and check… Continue Reading Ready to Play Tag?


Accessibility Tips: PowerPoint

Whether you are showing your presentation to your face-to-face classroom, or uploading your presentation into your online class for student reference, or setting up a presentation for a meeting — keep accessibility in mind. Creating accessible presentations will benefit all of your students, not just those with disabilities. Check out these tips for making an… Continue Reading Accessibility Tips: PowerPoint


Accessibility Tips: Check your Moodle Course with WAVE

Here’s how you can check your eLearning (Moodle) course for accessibility using the WAVE add-on for Mozilla Firefox. In Mozilla Firefox: Select Tools. Select Add-ons. Select Search – Available Add-ons. Search for WAVE Toolbar. * Select see all ### results at the bottom of the screen. Select WAVE Toolbar, + Add to Firefox. Select Install… Continue Reading Accessibility Tips: Check your Moodle Course with WAVE


Accessibility Tips: Working With Documents

Accessibility Tips: Working With Documents Ten steps to creating accessible Word documents: 1. Use headings “A good heading structure is probably the most important consideration in most Word documents.  Headings will allow screen reader users to navigate through the page easily and will make the page more usable for everyone.” ( Skip the do-it-yourself style… Continue Reading Accessibility Tips: Working With Documents


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