A big thanks to the Department of Student Success for a fun and informative Friday Forum on Feb. 2. Who ya gonna call with an advising or MySuccess question? Find the answers in their presentation: Getting Reacquainted with the Department of Student Success. 

Student Success Team

Colleagues from the Department of Student Success in their Ghost Busters colors: (from left) Tyler Nash, Katie Sommer-Ford, Hannah Rodriguez, Lindsey Dickenson, Shannon Croll, and Bridget Monroe.


Newly reorganized under Lindsey Dickenson, the department includes advising, testing, MySuccess, success coaches, and more. At the Friday Forum, we were introduced to the new folks in the department as well as our new colleagues in admission. Because there has been so much change in these two departments, we appreciated meeting the team that helps us help our students. Some faculty were hoping for Ghost Slime, but the DSS had us covered with good information instead!