Are you ready for some kickball? How about some invigorating learning and discussion? And what about donuts, lots of donuts? The 2022 NMC October Conference on Tuesday, Oct. 11, has it all.

This year’s  October Conference returns to the traditional format with a keynote speaker and a four-lane schedule of workshops led by colleagues and guest speakers. The theme is Unlock Your Full Potential based on the NMC Next strategic plan.

Renowned author and learning specialist Todd Zacrasjek will deliver the morning keynote with ways to unlock our learning potential. Zacrasjek, director of the Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning, will speak on “Uncovering Learning Myths That Waste Time and Money.” He will also lead four workshop presentations for faculty and staff. 

Other presenters will deliver a variety of sessions with hands-on learning for improving your teaching, your work, and your work life as we implement the college mission. Topics include Creating Community Partnerships, Disruptive Innovation at NMC: Introducing the Office of Possibilities (OOPS),  Learning Without Thinking, and ALIVE! Embracing Life and Thriving After Pandemic Losses. The full schedule will be released soon.

The day starts at 8 a.m. with coffee and donuts at the Dennos and the opening talks in Milliken Auditorium and ends with a game of kickball on campus grounds. In between, there will be more than two dozen workshop sessions, lunch, cider, donuts, and apples. All activities are held on main campus.  

Our October Conference, sponsored by the Center for Instructional Excellence and the Professional Development Institute, is a unique opportunity for faculty and staff to collaborate and learn together. The campus is closed for business and classes on Oct. 11, so hit pause on your work and take time to learn and build community with your campus colleagues!